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Less energy. More power.

This is Munich’s Ultra Energy Efficient Data Center Park.

Data Centers as a Service

Licensing, developing, designing, building, operating and financing ultra-energy-efficient and resource-saving green data centers – all done for you, at 50% lower TCO, without requiring an investment of your own.

NDC Data Centers GmbH

NDC is a technology and business model innovator, marrying award-winning cooling technology with future-proof architecture, cutting edge technical design and perfected project delivery methods.


Providing you with green, cutting edge, highly efficient homes for the globally ever-growing need for IT power through a simple, risk- and stress-free process.

As part of the AQAL Group, a core guiding principle is multiple-bottom-line investing: the parity of people, planet and profit, with passion and purpose.

Implementing four UN SDGs

NDC Data Centers' business model implements four UN Sustainable Development Goals through green, sustainable and cutting-edge technology.

Award-Winning Technology

and a Disruptive Business Model

A NDC data center with our patented technology is exclusively yours to use.

Patented Cooling Technology

Water transports heat from the whitespace to the cooling source, and is then fed back into the system.

30% Less Space Requirement

50% Less Building Volume

90% Less Energy for Cooling

Financial Benefits

Flexible delivery models allow for individual, customer-oriented combinations of real estate, technical infrastructure and energy services. The off-balance-sheet model includes full service leasing with facility management and energy services.

50% Lower Total Cost of Ownership

50% Shorter Construction Time

Project MARIE

PUE 1.07

radical efficiency through patented cooling technology

18.000 m² whitespace

50% less building volume

Unlimited High Power Supply

Two independent grid operators

Available power capacity of 40 MW

Opt. 100% renewable energy supply through certificates

Excellent Connectivity

Carrier neutrality through six confirmed operators

x100 GB Connections

3 ms to Frankfurt DECIX, 0.2 ms to Munich DECIX


  • Global players and high tech companies nearby
  • Two of the world’s top universities, TUM and LMU, provide means for research and highly qualified young professionals
  • Cultural center Munich and nature close by
  • Close to Germany’s second largest airport
  • High speed train connections within Germany and throughout Europe
  • Highways for fast travel within Germany and throughout Europe

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